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Choosing Solvable Problems

/ 1 min read

My dear sons,

I want to share with you the importance of choosing solvable problems that will reward you with satisfaction and propel you forward. By tackling these challenges, you will develop a valuable set of tools that can be applied to solve even the most complex and wicked problems.

As renowned physicist Richard Feynman once wrote in his letter to Koichi Mano, selecting problems that are within your grasp but still require effort and dedication is crucial. You will build confidence, gain knowledge, and develop problem-solving skills by successfully overcoming these challenges.

These small victories will serve as stepping stones, leading you toward more significant challenges and opportunities. Remember, the satisfaction from solving problems is a driving force that propels you forward on your journey of personal growth and achievement.

So, my sons, seek out problems that are both solvable and meaningful to you. Embrace the process of learning and problem-solving, and use the skills you acquire to tackle the wicked problems that lie ahead.

With love and excitement for your future,