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On Being Weird and Wonderful

/ 2 min read

My dear sons,

I want to share the importance of being weird and embracing your uniqueness. Many innovators and pioneers have stood out throughout history because they dared to be different. They were the ones who started something new, even if it seemed weird or unconventional at first.

Think of it like a music concert, where one weird dude starts dancing with abandon. At first, others may feel hesitant and afraid of being ridiculed if they join in. But then, a few early adopters take the leap and join the weird dancer. Suddenly, the fear of being judged disappears, and the early majority joins in. Before you know it, the entire crowd is dancing together, and no one even remembers who started it in the first place.

This concept is known as the diffusion of innovations theory, where new ideas and behaviors spread through a society or group over time. It starts with a few brave individuals willing to be weird and embrace something new. It becomes more acceptable once the early adopters join in, and others follow suit.

So, my sons, don’t be afraid to be weird and start something new. Embrace your uniqueness and be a trailblazer. Remember, it only takes one person to start a movement. Be that person, and watch as others follow along, and soon it won’t matter who started it because the collective joy and energy will be all that remains.

With love and encouragement for your journey of being weird and wonderful, Dad.